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I’m having technical difficulties. Who do I contact for help?

First, visit our Help Center to find instructions on using the app.

The Open eBooks app allows you to report errors from inside the app. This is the fastest way for our tech team to resolve the issue.

  • To report an issue with a specific eBook, click on the eBook so you see its description. Then click ‘Report a Problem,’ and select an option.
  • To report an issue with the app, click ‘More’ on the bottom menu, then ‘Report an issue.’ Fill out the form and a tech support member will be in touch.

If you’re still experiencing difficulties, submit a helpdesk request.

For help logging in with Clever, please visit https://support.clever.com/hc/en-us.

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    I need help logging in to Open eBooks through Clever on my Samsung S9 android phone.

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    Leslie Hayes

    Can Open eBooks be used with a chromebook or laptop?

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