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What if I don't own a smartphone or tablet, and don't have internet access?

Open eBooks is meant to complement the growing number of local school and library programs that provide access to devices and the Internet. Youth can access eBooks through their school or library-loaned devices as well as their family’s devices. More and more families either own or have local access to devices on which eBooks can be read. A 2015 Pew Internet survey showed that more than half of those earning less than $30,000 per year have a smartphone capable of reading an eBook, and more than a quarter have tablets. Another national survey found that 85 percent of families with young children (6-13 years old) living below the poverty line have access to mobile devices. Still more can access and borrow e-reading devices through their local school and library, a trend that complements this program. For many of these families and students, smartphones and tablets are their primary internet access method, and they often use locations such as public libraries and schools for Wi-Fi access—where they will be able to download the books in this program, as well as check out physical books. Open eBooks can dramatically alter the reading landscape by providing access to books through millions of devices already in the hands of young people and their families.

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