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Set up Open eBooks through Clever

Clever is proud to partner with Open eBooks. Open eBooks is a mobile app that provides thousands of popular and award-winning books free for students in Title I schools. These eBooks can be read without checkouts or holds.

The goal? To address the challenge of providing digital reading materials to children living in low-­income households—and to encourage a love of reading.

After the district administrator has added Open eBooks on Clever, Students enrolled in Title I schools can download Open eBooks and access books for free from their mobile device.


First, District Admins add Open eBooks in the Clever Dashboard

Step 1: Log into your clever dashboard

Step 2: Request Open eBooks  

Step 3: Scope the entire district with the application.


Please Note: the application is NOT added to the student Clever Portal because there is no Open eBooks webpage yet. The Open eBooks mobile application must be downloaded by students individually.


Second, Students must download the Open eBooks Application

Follow these four easy steps to get Open eBooks on any mobile device - including tablets, iPads, and on smartphones of all types.

Step 1: On an iPhone or Android phone, open the app store and type in “open ebooks”


Step 2: Click GET then click INSTALL to download the app.


Step 3: Open the app and click Log in with Clever.


Step 4: Search for the student’s school district to log in with their username and password. 

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