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Will the app be available on Chromebooks or Windows devices?

At this time, the Open eBooks app is only available for the iOs and Android platforms.

We were excited to learn that Google would be making the Google Play Store available on Chromebooks in 2016. We are working on a desktop version to extend the application to more platforms, which will allow for web browser usage on other tablets, laptops, and desktops. We are working to ensure students will be able to access Open eBooks from many forms of technology. Please stay tuned for product developments.

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    Lorayne McCaughtry

    I don't see that Open eBooks is available for Chromebooks, yet, in the Google Play Store. Do you know when it will become available?

  • Avatar
    Tammie May

    When will the openebook app be available for chrome books?

  • Avatar
    Jay Strumwasser

    Has there been any update on the access on chromebooks. I am very interested in getting this up and running in my school

    Thank you,

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    Joanne Collins

    Is Open eBooks available yet on Chromebooks?
    Thank you!

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    We have been waiting and waiting for Open eBooks to come to the Chromebooks. I was told 2016 and now it's nearing the end of '17. This is such an amazing resource but with high poverty schools, it is more efficient to buy chromebooks than expensive iPads. We'd love to utilize the books online but need to wait for the web release to access on Chromebooks. Please :-)

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    Tammie May

    I would really love to hear from someone about the availability of Open eBooks on Chromebooks. Our students use Chromebooks...1st-12 grades. I want the kids to have access to this wonderful resource. Please, please, let us know when this will be available. Thank you

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    Javier Alfonso

    Are there any updates to Open eBooks availability on Chromebooks?

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