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Installing the app from Google Play Store

First, you will need a Google Play account (a Gmail account) to load the app from the Google Play Store. From the Google Play Store, search for and install the Open eBooks app on your Android smartphone or tablet.

  • Once installed, open the Open eBooks app.
  • Tap Accept to agree to the terms of Service
  • Browse the catalog or use search to find a book available to borrow. 

Google Play Store Link: Open eBooks

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  • Avatar
    Lauren Smith

    I keep getting a message that states "Open ebooks will be installed on your device soon." But, I still don't see it.

  • Avatar
    Justin Hofstetter

    I've installed this on my phone (LG G3) and when I try to open a book, I get an endless loading circle.

    Also, when will Android tablets get support? When I try to get it on my Galaxy tablet, the Play store says it's only for phones!

  • Avatar
    Rebecca Shepherd

    I can't even find it in the Play store! I've searched for Open eBooks, and nothing even close to that is returned.

  • Avatar
    Carol Nawrocki

    I finally found it for my phone but not my tablet and it won't open.

  • Avatar
    Open eBooks tech support
  • Avatar
    Peter Van Brunt

    When I sign in with the access code and pin, it tells me an error has occurred and won't let me sign in.

  • Avatar
    Tammie Pogue

    Is it possible to read the books on a computer? My students have 1:1 computers but aren't allowed smartphones.

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