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Installation the App from Google Play Store

You will need a Google Play account (gmail account) to load the app from Google Play. From the Google Play Store app, search for and install the Open eBooks app.

  • Once installed, open the SimplyE app.
  • Tap Accept to agree to the terms of Service
  • Browse the catalog or use search to find a book available to borrow.See Finding eBooks in SimplyE if you need help finding or borrowing ebooks in the App.  

Google Play Store Link :Open eBooks

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  • Avatar
    Lauren Smith

    I keep getting a message that states "Open ebooks will be installed on your device soon." But, I still don't see it.

  • Avatar
    Justin Hofstetter

    I've installed this on my phone (LG G3) and when I try to open a book, I get an endless loading circle.

    Also, when will Android tablets get support? When I try to get it on my Galaxy tablet, the Play store says it's only for phones!

  • Avatar
    Rebecca Shepherd

    I can't even find it in the Play store! I've searched for Open eBooks, and nothing even close to that is returned.

  • Avatar
    Carol Nawrocki

    I finally found it for my phone but not my tablet and it won't open.

  • Avatar
    Open eBooks tech support
  • Avatar
    Peter Van Brunt

    When I sign in with the access code and pin, it tells me an error has occurred and won't let me sign in.

  • Avatar
    Tammie Pogue

    Is it possible to read the books on a computer? My students have 1:1 computers but aren't allowed smartphones.

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